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Brian Gilbert-
Telling Stories




Hilton Head • Savannah 

Tybee Island • St. Simmons Island

Amelia Island • Neptune Beach

Brian seeks to engage his viewer with fantastical flights of color in his abstract, expressional skyscapes.


Growing up, he lived with his grandfather, who was one of the original inkers for Fleischer Brothers Studio in Miami, FL. He worked on the original Superman, Popeye, and Betty Boop cartoons. He later became a prominent "Sign Painter" in the greater Atlanta Area. Brian often helped out at his sign shop. 


"To maintain a connection with my grandfather, I like to add elements of graphic novels, comic art, and hand lettering into my work." 


Brian has lived half of his life close to the water exploring the Low Country, The Golden Isles, The First Coast, and Emerald Coast. Places he has called home: Saint Marys, GA, Jacksonville, FL, and Fairhope, AL. He currently resides in Savannah, GA. Brian studied Art at Jacksonville State University. He has traveled the world as an officer in the US Army with stops in many of the world's deserts. 


"I'm very curious to explore the infinite and expansive connection between earth and sky. I attempt to capture transitional light as it manifests itself through the myriad of micro-worlds created by the atmospheric elements including the horizon, clouds, reflection, refraction, fog, etc. All of these work together to form a kaleidoscope of fragments for the penetrating sunlight."


He gives his onlooker a sense of expectation between the moment the sun appears or disappears on the earth's surface. He hopes to blur the sensation of standing and floating as the viewer goes deeper into his work. 


Brian creates this effect through hours of layering photographic images and digital painting through a multitude of photo filters and effects. In addition, he loves letting "glitches" happen in his work. Sometimes he adds spray paint and sign painters' paint to his digital prints. The end results are luminous, surreal dreamscapes with bold explosions of color. 

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